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Before I announce what movie I will be reviewing for the month of July, I think I should clarify a few things.

When I made the announcement that I would be doing movie reviews, it was on my Youtube channel…one of them. You see, before this, I made different video mashups and the occasional music and parody video and wanted to get into reviews but never had the time or energy to. I asked people to post what they wanted me to review in the comments of that video. I realized something, however. When delving into someone else’s content (especially if they’re studio owned), the risk getting a copyright notice or worse – getting your channel shut down – can skyrocket. I should know, the latter happened to me some years ago. I got my channel back with no real problems, but that sort of thing puts the fear of whatever God you worship in you. I’d hate for my channel to be taken down again because some copy bot or studio that doesn’t understand the term “Free Use”.

So, here’s the deal – in preparation of creating my own review series, I created a new Youtube channel dedicated solely to it. All reviews, announcements, etc. will be posted there, but don’t worry, I’ll be putting them up here for you to enjoy as well (in addition to anything else that strikes my fancy). So go subscribe to that channel now!

And if you find my other channel, well, maybe quite a few of you will already be familiar with my works…

Oh yeah, I was supposed to say what movie will be the first I’ll be scrutinizing, wasn’t I? Right, right. For those of you who don’t feel like watching the announcement video, the movie that’s Up On The Shelf this July is –


Ooh, the voters have good taste in animation. This is starting out better than I thought…

Anyway, I’ll try to get the review out sometime around July 15. If I don’t manage to, blame the people who voted for Frozen instead of this one. (For those of you already fuming, it was just a joke. I don’t hate Frozen. Though when the votes were being counted, it came down to a tie between that, Kells, and Big Hero 6, and Kells came out the victor by just ONE vote. Insert Irish exclamation of joy here.)