I should probably apologize for both this and July’s review being posted so late. July was a combination of writer’s block, job searching, and good old-fashioned procrastination. At least for this post I have an excuse, I was kidnapped by the more wild members of my family and shanghaied to Atlantic City for a day and night of sunbathing, swimming and gambling! It was torture, I tells ya, unbelievable torture!

Still, you, well, most of you…some of you…five of you…voted for a movie to review in August and I will deliver. This month’s movie is:

baron poster

So, let me get this straight, out of all the well-known, critically acclaimed and culturally adored films on the shelf, you voted for a Terry Gilliam fantasy film that barely anyone I talk has ever heard of or remembers?

See you later this month for “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen”! Remember to vote for September’s movie in the comments!