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Hello my fellow readers, thanks for tuning in! My birthday was pretty great; I spent it in a movie theater surrounded by fellow nerds and comic book geeks marathoning the Captain America movies leading up to Civil War (and if my family asks, I did the noble thing and  absolutely did not skip class to see the movie…or at least 90% of it). The rest of the weekend I spent with the family and honoring my beloved mom for Mother’s Day.


This month’s review was a VERY close call that almost resulted in a tie. I would have had to flip a coin or pick names from a hat had it not been for one vote.


The people have spoken, and your June Review is…




Summer’s here and I’m sailing for adventure on the big blue wet thing!

Now some of you have asked why Muppets Take Manhattan and Muppets from Space weren’t included and the answer is simple – I just don’t own them. I’ve seen them at least once, and they’re not bad movies, but they’re not my favorites either.


Well, July 31st marks the anniversary of my first review. It’s a somewhat momentous occasion for me as part of me didn’t expect that I’d make it to a full year without getting frustrated, forgetting, or losing interest. On the contrary, I’ve not only challenged myself to put my thoughts – and by extension, myself – out there, as well as get something accomplished once a month, but I’ve succeeded in doing it for twelve whole months.

I think that calls for next month’s review to be equally monumental – shall I look at one of cinema’s best examples of big laughs, big musicals, big spectacles, or big groundbreakers?


• It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

• Singin’ in the Rain

• Fantasia

• Toy Story

• The Great Race

• The Sound of Music

• Mad Max: Fury Road

• Star Wars: A New Hope

• Into the Woods

• Oliver!

• The Wizard of Oz

• Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


And don’t worry, this won’t be posted on July 31st – I’ve got a schedule when writing and publishing these reviews, so unless something unexpected happens, it won’t be THAT late!

Also, the above recommendations are only that. The entire list of films you can vote for this month can be found in What’s On the Shelf. Remember, you have the entire month of June to vote. You can leave it in the comments or email me at Happy Voting!


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