I’m sure for some of you the holiday music and bargains have gone up everywhere whether you like it or not. Here, it’s gonna be the same, but this time I’m giving you a wider selection – a whole SHELF’S worth!

For the entire month of November, I’m opening up a Shelf dedicated not only to Christmas and holiday-related movies, but miscellaneous media that are categorized thusly:

Holiday Favorites

Beloved (and a few not-so-beloved) Christmas films that we love to rewatch this time of the year.

Very Special Specials & Shorts

Classic holiday tv specials ranging from the iconic to the obscure, Christmas episodes of beloved shows, and perennial animated shorts.

Marginally Related Masterpieces

Movies that aren’t necessarily Christmasy, but are aired around the holidays anyway or just have a Christmas-like atmosphere.


You can find this Shelf at the top of the blog under Christmas Shelf! Leave your vote for December’s review in the comments or email me at upontheshelfshow@gmail.com. As always, you can only vote once.

Happy voting, and let the season of merriment commence!