That was a nice nap. I should probably get started writing that Christmas –




Sorry for falling behind on the announcement everyone. This past week has been pretty stressful. Also, something happened that I didn’t quite anticipate. Not as many people cast a vote for a review as usual, and everyone who did picked something different. Normally I would pick the winner from a hat, but with the holiday season in full swing my job is going to keep me extra busy so writing a full review of one movie will be very difficult seeing how I won’t have much time to even watch it.

With that said, I’m taking an alternate route. Throughout the month of December I’ll be looking at some of my favorite holiday shorts and episodes of classic tv shows. I’m sorry if I disappointed anyone, but I’ll still be doing my hardest to make these shorter reviews as entertaining as possible. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to check some of these specials out when they’re done.


Regarding the month of January, things should hopefully slow down by then. I haven’t set a theme or select picks for that time, and I’m considering taking a break so I don’t burn myself out, but if you want to leave a vote for then by all means do. You can find all the movies available to vote for under “What’s On the Shelf” at the top of the blog. You can vote once by leaving a comment or emailing me at upontheshelfshow@gmail.com. I recently added some new movies there, so I recommend checking it out.
Thanks, and see you at the next review!