Hi everyone, thanks for sticking with me during my absence. I realize that by springing a movie review out of the blue like that I didn’t give you the chance to vote for what comes next month. So let’s rectify that.

Having written a review of an older film, I’m in the mood to let my love for the classics show for a bit longer…


• The African Queen

• City Lights

• A Day at the Races

• The Great Dictator

• A Night at the Opera

• March of the Wooden Soldiers (Babes in Toyland, 1934)

• Singin’ in the Rain

• The Taming of the Shrew

• The Wizard of Oz


Keep in mind that these are just suggestions. Any and all film titles that you would like to vote for can be viewed at What’s On The Shelf. In fact, thanks to a small raise and a slightly bigger shelf I’ve been able to fit more movies on there than before, so I recommend you check it out.


Normally I’d re-post the rule stating that you can only vote once a month through email or the comments, but regarding the climate my country, and by extension the entire world is in (seriously, does the job of President make whoever takes it on a fisher king?), I’m amending that rule: anyone who makes a donation to any one of the following charities will get a few voting perks that are listed below.

Here are the charities:

American Civil Liberties Union: This organization has been defending the rights and freedoms of all American citizens, regardless of race, religion, class, and sexuality for nearly 100 years, but their forward thinking and open defiance of Trump’s hatefulness have put them in the spotlight recently. They donate all their time and research in overturning injustices perpetuated by those who stand for backwards racism, discrimination and homophobia – even in our own government – and protecting those who have no voice to speak up. Considering the times we are in now, they need all the voices they can.

Amnesty International: This organization works towards exposing and stopping all human rights abuses worldwide that are often ignored or covered up.

Covenant House: Covenant House provides a home for thousands of homeless youth and teenagers. They are welcomed with no discrimination and given warm food, care, and the support they need to make it off the streets. This charity has spread to all corners of the US, but seeing how it got its start in New York, which I know from firsthand experience how bad its the homeless problem is, it could use a little more love.

Cycle for Survival: This is a fundraiser that I am personally involved in. Every year people around the country come together in a cycle-a-thon that goes towards cancer research and treatment. My cousin has been fighting bladder cancer for the better part of a decade and one of the reasons why he’s still here is thanks to this organization. As his way of giving back, he has put together a team of his friends and family (including me) to cycle closer to eliminating cancer.

Human Rights Campaign: One of the leading nonprofit organizations in the country that works tirelessly to defend LGBT equality.

Ocean Conservancy: An organization that aims to preserve our planet’s oceans and underwater wildlife, from partnering with scientists to educate the public to the annual International Coast Clean-up.

Wildlife Conservation Film Festival: A wonderful group I’m proud to have done design work for since last year, the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival is a week of film screenings and conferences held annually in New York, where filmmakers from around the world show works that educate, entertain, and inspire to preserve wildlife. It is a volunteer-only non-profit organization and any funds go to sponsoring the big conference as well as free screenings for the public held sporadically throughout the year. If we don’t get enough funding this year, it may very well close up for good.


And now, for the perks:

If you pledge $1 or more, you get my heartfelt thanks and a sincere virtual thumbs up.

If you pledge $5 or more, you can vote twice.

For $20 or more, you can tell me what movie you’d like to see on the Shelf and I will add it there.

And finally, for $50 or more, I will write a full review of a movie of your choice.

Make sure you send a receipt or proof of your donation so I know it’s legitimate. Seriously, lying about donating to charity for the sake of a review blog is not cool. Email me at upontheshelfshow@gmail.com to share it along with your vote. Thanks, and have a great day.