Ah, it’s great to be back on schedule!

First of all, I’d like to thank for Gordhan Rajani for his generous donation to the Ocean Conservancy. Thanks to you the world’s oceans will be kept a little bit cleaner and safer for the species that call it home. Also, as requested, the film Song of the Sea has been added to the Shelf (appropriate, all things considered!)

Second, I’ve decided to keep the charity voting bonuses going for the time being. Don’t worry, donating is completely optional and you don’t have to give to all of the organizations I previously mentioned; one will do (though Cycle for Survival or the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival could use a little extra attention).

Thirdly, I’ve updated the list of films on the Shelf so every one links to their respective trailer; that way you can get an idea of what each film is like (even if some of the trailers are a tad off the mark).

Now on to this month’s results. Your movie for March is…


Somewhere over the rainbow…


For April it’s Old vs. New! Who will come out on top, the trailblazing classic or the newcomer that followed in their footsteps? YOU DECIDE!

• Blazing Saddles

• Django Unchained

• It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

• Rat Race

• Peter Pan (1953)

• Peter Pan (2003)

• Singin’ in the Rain

• The Artist


All voting rules still apply – you can vote once, and only once, through either the comments or emailing me at upontheshelfshow@gmail.com. A donation to any of the charities listed here will get you one of the following:

$1 or more will give you my sincere heartfelt thanks.

$5 or more will give you a second vote, meaning you’ll have double the usual say in what movie gets picked for that month.

$20 or more gets a movie you’d like to see reviewed added on the Shelf.

And finally, for $50 or more, I will write a full review of a movie of your choice.


Thanks, and happy voting!