And now we get to my favorite shorts starring my favorite character, Mabel. In these five vlog-style shorts she presents her helpful* advice for every day activities and fun times – with varying results.

So join me as we look at Mabel’s Guides to…


Mabel, the love goddess that she is, puts Soos, Dipper and Grunkle Stan on her own dating-type show to test their love compatibility. Who’s a hunk and who’s a chunk will surprise you.



Mabel goes into one of her favorite topics, stickers. My sister would have loved this back in ’93.



Instead of surprise home makeovers, Mabel gives her family and friends unexpected fashion makeovers with the help of Candy and Grenda. Is Gravity Falls ready for her unique vision?



Mabel goes through Gravity Falls to learn everyone’s favorite colors, but discovers a challenge when she learns Grunkle Stan doesn’t have one.



Ah, one I can relate to. Mabel presents her own history with art (that mirrors mine when I was a kid) and partners with Grunkle Stan to sell her latest creations.


I don’t really have much to say about these shorts other than I love Mabel’s creativity, silliness and enthusiasm, even if things don’t always work as she planned. These slice of life stories work with her brand of humor. Be sure to pause for hidden easter eggs and a some great visual jokes you might miss watching it the first time.

And that’s it for Gravity Falls shorts. Be sure to return on June 18th for the premiere of Gravity Falls Season 2 reviews. See you then!

*Helpfulness may vary. Please have your lawyer on standby if you’re planning on doing any of these crazy possible lawsuit-incurring things. Up On The Shelf, Mabel Pines, Alex Hirsch and Disney XD are not responsible for any ensuing damage from your recklessness.