Happy August everyone! Hope your summer is going swimmingly.

Speaking of, your movie review for August is…


As excited as I am to review Disney’s latest animated hit, I have a big announcement to make.

Back in July I made the monumentous decision to leave my job in order to work full-time on writing and illustrating my own stories. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but let mine and my parents’ fears about money, security and other things got in the way far more than I should have. I stuck it out in the retail world as far as I could, but the bullying, power trips, and thankless hours got to be too much. Having saved up enough money I gave my two weeks notice and left without looking back. Now I can develop my ideas and put together pitches for potential publishing houses.

How does this affect the blog? Well since I need to devote as much time as possible to honing my craft, that means I’ll have to put whole movie reviews on hold until I’m at a place where it won’t feel like I’m under pressure to work on my book AND a review every month; I can’t let myself be distracted by going back to writing reviews when I should be doing what I set out to do. As such, Moana will be the last compete film review for a while. If I’ve gotten to a point where I feel I can balance both my new creative work and writing, I’ll pick it up right where I left off, hopefully by October or November. Don’t worry, Gravity Falls will still be up every Sunday as scheduled.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.