“Shelf! SHELF!!! Where is she…any luck, Baron?”


“No, I was distracted by an old acquaintance who then inexplicably turned from a beautiful lady into a rotund winged fellow, and then into a strange mechanical man who told me to do something to his shining metal posterior which one doesn’t repeat in polite conversation.”


“Yeesh, don’t envy you there. It’s hopeless. She vanished right after Bill arrived. You don’t think she ditched us, do you?”


“Madam, you do your counterpart a disservice! She would never abandon us in this hour of need. Are quite sure you searched all the places where she can normally be found? If not then it’s unfortunately rather likely this Bill must have entrapped her so he could move forward with his nefarious plans.”


“Geez, how many times do I have to tell you, I searched the entire house! Up and down, in and out, every nook and cranny! All I could find in her room was this Mabel figure right in front of her computer -“