Back when I intended to make video reviews, I set up a Patreon account. Most reviewers nowadays have them to help support themselves and continue to supply quality content while rewarding their fans. I had hoped that perhaps over time I might accumulate such a following.

But of course, things change.

When I switched to doing written reviews I forgot all about Patreon and left my outdated goals and perks to gather dust. I wasn’t going to make a career out of reviews, I was just doing it for fun. If I was going to ask for money, what could I have to offer in return?

Last night made me reconsider that.

Thanks to the spontaneous and generous donation of Amelia Jones, my bank account is slightly more secure and a movie of her choice, The Black Cauldron, was added to the Shelf. In conjunction with getting two long-awaited film reviews out within a week and considering what to do next, I decided to revamp my Patreon Page to reflect this blog. Support is totally optional, but much appreciated, and what you get in return reflects that – Shout-outs, more chances to vote, new countdowns, and the opportunity to see more of what you want Up On The Shelf! Please consider dropping by.

Meanwhile I’ve been working on a few movie reviews in my spare time. I should be in a place where by May voting will open up again, and once it is, you’ll know! Thanks for sticking with me this long, and once again be sure to visit my Patreon Page to see how you can be rewarded for supporting me!