Greetings, all. The Desolation of Smaug is diminishing as I write this, and when The Battle of the Five Armies will commence is anyone’s guess, but the point I’m trying to make is this blog’s fourth anniversary will soon be upon us! I keep saying this every year but I never imagined I’d make it this far and it’s all thanks to you. Whether you found me through my Gravity Falls Reviews, Movie Babble, my YouTube videos or just stumbled across this blog at random, I am thankful for every view, comment, like and follow. You’ve made me strive to become a better writer and entertainer. And while I can’t extend this sentiment to certain despots I’ve expressed my disdain for, I’m eagerly anticipating another four years of this.

The question is, what to do to mark the occasion? I didn’t want to just pick a couple of movies for voting at random though I fell a bit short at assembling a coherent theme. And as much as I’d love to forego my Patreon goal of returning to tv show reviews and just dive back into doing them anyway, my current schedule forbids it. Besides, I spent the first half of this year missing most of my review deadlines and I’d hate to spend the next half repeating that mistake by letting too much work pile up again.

As such, I’ve decided to break a bit from the rules and share my thoughts on one of my personal favorite films, a classic that’s come up for voting more than once and nearly won on a few occasions. It’s part of an annual tradition in my home state and served as my introduction to two of the greatest comedians of all time. Plus it’s turning 85 years old this year, quite the milestone. I’ll leave you to guess what it could be. Until then, stick around because the best is yet to come!

PS – Shortly after the Desolation of Smaug review was posted, a new patron signed up to my Patreon! Thank you, Sam Minden! Your $7 contribution means your name will follow every review and you’re now privy to the vote count each month. I’m sorry my anniversary plans means you won’t be receiving the latter reward this month, but to make up for it, anyone at the $7 tier and up will get a clue pertaining to what the next review is if they want it.