Boy, it sure was nice getting reviews back up on time, wasn’t it? Oh well, all good things and so forth. But trust me, it’s for a very, very good reason this time. No writer’s block, no destination weddings, no compulsive desire to put movies in chronological order, not even computer trouble. No, this time, it’s good news.

Since May, due to circumstances I’d rather not elaborate on, I’ve been driven to finally complete the book I started creating last summer.

And I did it.

The manuscript’s written up, the dummy is illustrated, and in the space of the past month and a half, I met not one but two people who were interested in reading it and possibly picking it up for publishing. I also made my first successful pitch to an agent so I’ve got a query lined up for her plus a whole bunch of other people in the business. Now it’s only a matter of making some fully-colored artwork, sending it along with the book in a ton of emails, and then playing the waiting-and-hoping-someone-says-yes-you-are-the-next-Mary Blair-please-sign-up-with-me-and-we’ll-make-your-dreams-come-true game. For the first time since I entered my vocation nearly two years ago, I feel like I’m this close to a breakthrough.

As you can imagine, this took some precedence over finishing the review on time. For that I apologize, but I assure you it won’t take another two months to push out. At most, two weeks. And since I’ve kept you waiting long enough, here’s the movie I’ve chosen to highlight for the blog’s fourth anniversary:

Congratulations to the two of you who correctly guessed March of the Wooden Soldiers! Next time you have a cookie, pretend you won it from me as a prize. If any of you are disappointed I’m not reviewing something else, here’s a tribute montage I made a while back that might change your mind (spoilers ahead!)

Of course, none of this is stopping me from prepping for August’s Movie Review. For your consideration, here are the films to vote for:

The rules still apply: You can vote once and only once by stating the film you want me to review in the comments or by emailing me at – unless you’re supporting me on Patreon, in which case you can submit more than one vote among other great perks. Once I reach my goal of making $100 per month, I can return to posting weekly tv series reviews. As of now I’m little over halfway there, so please consider supporting me if you are able. Special thanks to Gordhan Rajani, Amelia Jones, and Sam Minden for their contributions.

Thanks for reading, a BIG thank you for sticking around these past four years, see you soon with the review, and Happy Voting!