We’ve escaped the Other World with Coraline, but now it’s time for the scariest part of Halloween – the unwanted reminder that Christmas is more than 50 days away getting jammed down our throats! I swear it’s like Nightmare Before Christmas except St. Nick’s a new-age capitalist trying to conquer every holiday that dares to come before his lord and savior’s birthday.

That bit of cynicism aside, I do love the holiday season and revisiting the many cinema and television classics that come with it. I made a separate shelf just of the occasion! While I’m pleased I was able to get out as many reviews as I did last December, it took a lot out of me. This year I have to cut it down, but I’m leaving what you want me to review in your hands:

  1. One holiday movie and also one short to go with it.
  2. Specials and shorts only! The top two winners of each category will be reviewed.
  3. Rankin-Bass month! I think you get the gist of this one.

Whatever the consensus, I’m going to need the whole month of November to prepare. So let me know in the comments what you want me to do. Do not vote for specific movies/specials/shorts yet. That part comes on November 1st when I reveal the winning theme for this December. Voting will resume as usual from there.

Thanks, and Happy Decemberween!