So what is this anyway?

Up On The Shelf is an online show where viewers can vote for what movie they want to see reviewed.

Another online critic ranting over whatever’s popular? How original.

No, not exactly. For one thing, even though some of the movies I have are recent, most of them are classics. There’s even a few no one’s ever heard of that I’d love to bring attention to. Second, the list of films you can vote for may be predetermined, but ultimately the choice is up to the people. I haven’t really seen any reviewer who’s done that yet.

Where can I find the list of films to vote for?

It’s under “What’s On The Shelf” on this blog.

How can I vote?

Drop a line anywhere. In the comments, through email (upontheshelfshow@gmail.com), I may even have a Tumblr you can reach out to. Remember, you can only vote ONCE a month (unless you decide to support me on Patreon).

Who are you anyway?

I’m a twenty-something freelance writer/storyboard artist/graphic illustrator/editor from New York who spent her early childhood in the back of a family-owned video store watching movies and devoted her life to getting into them somehow.

How often do these reviews go up?

There will be one review per month. I will update the list of films and general news regularly, however.

What happens if there’s a tie?

Then I put the names of the tied movies in a hat and pull out the winner. I happen to have a hat on the shelf for such an occasion.

So there’s an actual shelf?

Yep, that’s how I came up with the idea and title for the show. Movies on a shelf, it’s as easy as that.

Can I make a request?

Unfortunately, no. If there’s a movie you want to recommend to me, by all means do so. You CAN have the movie of your choice added to the Shelf if you decide to support me to the maximum amount allowed on my Patreon ($50), but as for flat-out reviewing the movie you want without anyone else voting first, I’m afraid that’s impossible.

But nothing’s impossible with the power of IMAAAGINAAAATIOOON…

A SpongeBob reference? I think you and I are gonna get along quite nicely…

Do you have any favorite reviewers?

Tony Goldmark (Some Jerk With a Camera), Neil Sharpson (The Unshaved Mouse), Lewis Lovhaug (Linkara), Paw Dugan, Doggans, Spazzmaster, Kyle Kallgren (Brows Held High), more to follow.

Which of the movies listed is your all-time favorite?

Hmmmm…I’m not telling. I wanna surprise everyone when I finally get to review it.

Aw, come on, please?


You’re mean.

Yes I know. Any more questions?

You skipped x and x and x point in this movie! How could you miss that??

Unfortunately when it comes to reviews there’s only so much you can say before it becomes an hour-long in-depth study. Sometimes cuts have to be made or I might accidentally overlook something and forget to put it in. Maybe if I ever decide to take a second look at something I’ll discuss the details I overlook.

Will you be posting text-only reviews?

At the moment, yes. I don’t have the time, budget, or talent for camera work.

Can I help you make a budget?

Yes! I have a Patreon if you wish to support me. Perks include extra votes, early voting results, movies of your choice added to the Shelf and more! Please consider donating as any amount would be a big help.

Why don’t you post more reviews during the month?

I’m doing these reviews for fun, but it’s not my full-time job. I’m currently working freelance and trying to get a foot in publishing to support myself. I do need to make a living after all.

But you have Patreon! Surely you can glean from that?

Yes, but it’s not mandatory that everyone who watches my stuff pays me for it, and  even if they do I don’t make them pay exorbitant amounts. I’m grateful for anyone who decides to support me, though I don’t think I can afford to quit my job to just make reviews.

Any advice for fellow writers/reviewers/editors/artists?

Keep practicing at whatever you’re doing. Never lose your passion for it. Don’t be afraid to try something a little different from what you’re used to. It just might be good for you.

8 thoughts on “About/FAQ”

  1. gordhanx said:

    Hey, hope you don’t mind, but I’ve been meaning to get into Some Jerk with A Camera, and since you’re a fan of his, I was wondering if you could give me some episode recommendations, to get me on the right track. Is that okay with you?


    • Of course!
      – The Epcot retrospective (and commentary) is well-informed and hilarious.
      – He reviewed the entirety of TGIF’s “We’re Going to Disney World!” Specials, though the Family Matters one is my favorite.
      – His take on The Simpsons Ride at Universal was approved by Matt Groening himself!
      – His review of Escape From Tomorrow is better than the movie itself.
      – For Disneyland’s 60th anniversary he riffed on the disastrous live broadcast of the park’s opening with his good friends and collaborators Doggans and Spazzmaster and it feels like a lost episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
      – If you hate It’s a Small World then you’ll enjoy him ripping into the mandatory holiday overlay.
      – His thoughts on Star Tours, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and The Haunted Mansion movie shows how much of a fan he really is and has some of his best jokes.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, and the Shrek 4-D one is hilarious too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. John Dailey said:

    I have just one question–since you did Gravity Falls, will you be reviewing more TV shows?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’d like to. If I get around to making $100 on Patreon I want to return to reviewing tv shows.


      • John Dailey said:

        When that happens–I’m an optimist, shoot me–which will you put on the list? I’m not trying to egg you or force you, I’m just curious to see how much more common ground we have.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kind of a mix of some old and new things. One I already did a list on, two are cult classic mini-series (one animated and one live-action), some are animated Disney Channel/Disney+ shows, a classic Nicktoon, and a long-lasting animated series with an unusual fan base.


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