Hi everyone. Normally I would never do this, but I need to raise a little bit of extra money to help me with shopping for my family this year. My mom had surgery done on both her knees, and my sister just got engaged, so I want to make sure I can give them both the best Christmas I can. To that effect, I’m putting up a few things for sale on EBay. Click HERE to go to my store (or HERE, HERE, or HERE to view the individual items up so far – buying them through these links saves me extra fees!) Keep checking in because you’ll never know what might pop up.

And as a reminder, I also have an Etsy store where I sell original and film-inspired artwork. They make great presents! I’m also considering taking commissions too.

Hope you have a warm and happy Thanksgiving, and I’ll see you December 1st for the first of my three part Christmas review extravaganza!