I ended my last Gravity Falls review by pointing out a whole year passed between Season One’s finale and Season Two’s premiere. That gave plans plenty of time to form their own theories on the Falls’ biggest mysteries and lament the prolonged lack of new episodes. They weren’t completely starved for new content, however. During that long hiatus, Alex Hirsch and the Gravity Falls team produced a series of interstitial shorts for the Disney Channel and online. These vlog-style shorts provide equal doses of humor, mystery and charm in only a few short minutes. Also, keeping with Hirsch’s stellar continuity record, select things from the shorts either make appearances or play an integral role in future episodes. This is the reason why I’ll be looking at them in the weeks leading up to the return of full episode reviews. It won’t be your average in-depth review with call back and hilarity categories, just a minor retrospective with my thoughts. Let’s begin, shall we?

Since the entries in these three mini-series are particularly limited with only two shorts each, I’m grouping them into their own entry. The next two, Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained and Mabel’s Guide to Life, will be getting their own posts.

Mabel’s Scrapbook

Mabel’s Scrapbook is treated like a story time between Mabel and us, where she recounts an adventure she and her family had which she recorded in her scrapbook. The first is  “Petting Zoo”, where at said zoo Mabel befriends a mutated cow named Octavia and endeavors to rescue her after learning she’s destined for the slaughterhouse. The Pines family is successful, but some creatures are better left out of the wild…


The next, “Heist Movie”, is the tale of how she, Stan, Soos and Dipper find themselves kicked out of the movie theater for bringing in outside food and their attempt to sneak back in. James Bond/Mission Impossible parodies ensue.

You’d think for Mabel reminiscing on such odd moments would be skewed by her…unusual perspective, but considering the weird things that happen every day in Gravity Falls I’m inclined to think that they played out exactly as they did. Despite nothing supernatural happening in “Heist Movie”, I actually enjoyed it a little bit more than “Petting Zoo”. I like all the Pines working together to take on a petty foe like Thompson. Speaking of, seeing such a butt monkey like him in a position of power you wouldn’t expect him to have but still be an utter putz is enjoyable to watch.

Fixin’ It With Soos

Fixin’ It With Soos is pretty straightforward; a low-budget DIY show hosted by the Mystery Shack’s favorite handyman.

I don’t know what else to say other than I love Soos’ enthusiasm and blunt honesty, and the jokes involving the cheap effects and green-screen are ones anyone who’s edited their own videos can relate to. For all his cluelessness, Soos makes for a more capable handyman than you’d think (certainly a better fix-it guy than an editor). Heck, I want a chicken holder to go next to my movie shelf!


Gravity Falls TV

There’s not much to elaborate on other than these are exactly the kind of bumpers, commercials, infomercials and so on that you’d expect to see on your basic tv station in a small town. Be sure to take a closer look for hidden messages…

On another note, our prayers have been answered – we finally get to see a full episode of Duck-tective!


Be sure to join me next time when I review Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained. Until then, I leave you with a musing from Soos: ” If you accidentally eat the prize in your cereal, does that make YOU a specially marked box?”